Finish the task

It is already October, which means that we are already in the last quarter of 2016. Before we know it, it will be time to start making resolutions again. But this year, instead of jumping into the resolution list-making bandwagon, I decided to take a step back and to ponder on how far I have come about the focus areas that I listed down early in 2016, and how I could move forward.

Prior to making any new list, I would like to remind myself and you, readers of my blog, to think about the message from the book of Haggai (in the Holy Bible). One of the key content in Haggai is about finishing the building of the temple of God. I refrain from using the word “message” and chose to use “content” instead, because the message is to be interpreted from the content.

I choose to write about Haggai in the post today, because I would like to remind myself and my readers that as we approach the end of the year, we should finish the projects that we started, and to finish them with a heart to please God. It doesn’t matter if our the “projects” are not really spiritual in nature, because who knows what our almighty God can make out of our seemingly unimportant quests.

As for myself, I have a few items on my list which I need to seriously look into and draw a closing to, before embarking on some new projects which I have stumbled upon this year and would like to start working on.

What about you?


The Nostalgia of Handwritten Notes

I love scribbling and making notes whenever something of interest strikes me. Somehow, I read and understand better with papers (instead of electronic reading devices, despite owning an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and iPad) and I get a better picture of ideas when I put them down.

These past two days I have been digging through some old notebooks and I found bits and pieces of scribbled notes from the past. The first stack was several sheets of drawings which were inspired by the awesome Samantha Lee, who is famous for her food art creations. I remember creating those drawings as I browsed through her posts on Instagram when I was on a quest to get my then three-year-old to eat healthier. Well, although I simply do not have the artistic flair to create such awesome food art, the “face-on-bread” which I put together with bread, blueberry jam, strawberry jam and some chocolate rice managed to convince and convert my little boy to come to enjoy bread as breakfast.

The other stack of papers I just came across were some handwritten notes with reminders and to-do’s, written down when I was preparing my Masters’ research project report. I must admit that I have not gone through the report since I graduated with the degree, which was 10 years ago. As I went through these notes, I was overwhelmed with memories of those years. It was blissful nostalgia, indeed.

There are times when I wonder if thoughts are worth writing down and taking up the space in my drawers and on my shelves. But today, after stumbling upon these two stacks of notes, I have found the final answer. Going down the memory lane with those hand-written notes can be inspiring, liberating and even bring revelations. Meaning self-reflection is triggered by moments such as this. As we put our pen to paper, let us remember that what we create today can leave a legacy for tomorrow. So grab your favourite notebook, a good quality pen and start writing.

The House with the Yellow Gate

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Our House.”

The house in which I spent most of my childhood years is in a suburb, near enough to the country’s capital city for weekly outings but far enough that there is enough space to dream the dream. The dream of living in the capital city itself, one day. Well, that dream is no longer my dream because things have changed so much, but I remember the wide-eyed girl who stared out the car’s windows at those tall skyscrapers and shiny glass buildings.

The house is not big, with only two bedrooms and two bathrooms but it was sufficient for my family. My mother was a stay-at-home mom (way before Pinterest and Internet, so it was a glamorous job then). She worked around the clock making sure that the house is in order, food is served and I am brought up the best way she knows. The house was well-renovated, with built-in cabinets, kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobe and well-equipped with all the kitchen appliances that we needed. My mother tried out recipes, and did it so well. From soups to stir-frying to baking, she did it. She sewed the curtains that draped the windows. She made the tiny little dresses for my Barbie dolls.

I spent about fourteen years in that house. It was the house that I spent my childhood and my teenage years. It was our family’s house, and the way it was run partly shaped me to be who I am today. It was quiet, because I am an only child and my parents are not the boisterous type. Yet it was full of life because I had the luxury of having my parents home most of the time (my dad worked from home). The neighbours were an interesting mix and I made friends with some of their children. Sadly we do not keep in touch anymore.

It has been seventeen years since we shifted out of that house. Things have changed drastically since then. But I will always remember that house; the house with the yellow gate.

Took A Break

Yesterday evening I was supposed to bake a loaf of bread for this morning’s avocado lettuce sandwich, but I didn’t. I was worn out, tired, and just wanted to let go of all the scheduling. Yeah, I know, it’s the critical point in my projects… that point when I start to slack, become relaxed and the project gets pushed back to the bottom of the pile of ever growing unfinished projects. But if I really didn’t have the heart to bake, I shouldn’t bake right? Someone once told me that our emotions goes into the food which we prepare hence being in the right state of mind when we cook / bake / cut / grill is of utmost importance. I wouldn’t want the husband to be worn out and tired once he takes that first bite of the sandwich that I prepared for him!

Okay, excuses aside.

There is no elaborate effort for breakfast today. There are still three slices of the store-bought sandwich left, so I took two of them, spread some Nutella and just took my time with my breakfast and coffee. I even had some extra time left to catch up with my reading and devotional.

Sometimes, a break is for us to get refreshed and subsequently venture further from where we are currently at.

Breakfast will be back.