Finish the task

It is already October, which means that we are already in the last quarter of 2016. Before we know it, it will be time to start making resolutions again. But this year, instead of jumping into the resolution list-making bandwagon, I decided to take a step back and to ponder on how far I have come about the focus areas that I listed down early in 2016, and how I could move forward.

Prior to making any new list, I would like to remind myself and you, readers of my blog, to think about the message from the book of Haggai (in the Holy Bible). One of the key content in Haggai is about finishing the building of the temple of God. I refrain from using the word “message” and chose to use “content” instead, because the message is to be interpreted from the content.

I choose to write about Haggai in the post today, because I would like to remind myself and my readers that as we approach the end of the year, we should finish the projects that we started, and to finish them with a heart to please God. It doesn’t matter if our the “projects” are not really spiritual in nature, because who knows what our almighty God can make out of our seemingly unimportant quests.

As for myself, I have a few items on my list which I need to seriously look into and draw a closing to, before embarking on some new projects which I have stumbled upon this year and would like to start working on.

What about you?


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