The Nostalgia of Handwritten Notes

I love scribbling and making notes whenever something of interest strikes me. Somehow, I read and understand better with papers (instead of electronic reading devices, despite owning an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and iPad) and I get a better picture of ideas when I put them down.

These past two days I have been digging through some old notebooks and I found bits and pieces of scribbled notes from the past. The first stack was several sheets of drawings which were inspired by the awesome Samantha Lee, who is famous for her food art creations. I remember creating those drawings as I browsed through her posts on Instagram when I was on a quest to get my then three-year-old to eat healthier. Well, although I simply do not have the artistic flair to create such awesome food art, the “face-on-bread” which I put together with bread, blueberry jam, strawberry jam and some chocolate rice managed to convince and convert my little boy to come to enjoy bread as breakfast.

The other stack of papers I just came across were some handwritten notes with reminders and to-do’s, written down when I was preparing my Masters’ research project report. I must admit that I have not gone through the report since I graduated with the degree, which was 10 years ago. As I went through these notes, I was overwhelmed with memories of those years. It was blissful nostalgia, indeed.

There are times when I wonder if thoughts are worth writing down and taking up the space in my drawers and on my shelves. But today, after stumbling upon these two stacks of notes, I have found the final answer. Going down the memory lane with those hand-written notes can be inspiring, liberating and even bring revelations. Meaning self-reflection is triggered by moments such as this. As we put our pen to paper, let us remember that what we create today can leave a legacy for tomorrow. So grab your favourite notebook, a good quality pen and start writing.


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