Justice and Love

One the earliest phrases that my five-year-old learned to say is “That’s not fair”. Well, he doesn’t fully understand the meaning of “fairness” yet, for he used it whenever he didn’t get things his way. His idea of fairness is obviously different, not to say, inaccurate, but it is a wonder to see that such a young child chose this word to express his dissatisfaction.

In Hosea 12:6, God asks his people to “… Act on the principles of love and justice.” Love encompasses many things, and the most comprehensive definition of love can be found in 1 Corinthians 13. God is love, and the ministry of Jesus is all about love for God’s people. But what about justice? We know that God is just (and merciful), but what are the principles of justice?

There are times when what we do does not appear to be just or fair, so to speak, just like when I took away the TV control after my five-year-old has had his share of cartoon for the day. Perhaps he felt like his rights has been violated, but to me, I was acting for his good. I was acting on the principles of love.

Whenever we act, let us ask ourselves honestly if we are acting on the principles of love and justice. If we are, then we can always live in confident dependence on our God (Hosea 12:6). If we aren’t, then the next time we caught ourselves red-handed, we should pause and ask ourselves this question, “Are we acting on the principles of love and justice?”



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