Make Away with Selfish Prayer

If you believe in God, do you pray to Him? If yes, how do you pray? What do you pray about?


I come from a family of non-believers. None of my immediate family members are Christians, so in my young years before knowing Christ, I prayed to the gods that my parents prayed to. After I accepted Christ, unknowingly, I still prayed the same way.

I read books on prayer and I listened to sermons on prayer. When I first accepted Christ, because I didn’t know how else to pray to God, I would recite the Lord’s Prayer daily. After attending baptism classes, I learned the A-C-T-S approach to praying. Every now and then I would use this approach in my prayer, but more often than not my prayers are selfish.

Why do I say that my prayers are selfish? Most of the time I talked to God about my needs and my wants, my fears and my anxieties. I know that we can talk to Him about anything, but rarely do the well-being of others are mentioned in my prayers. Once in a while I prayed for some dear friends but that’s hardly enough as a Christian.

Some time last week, I decided to make away with selfish prayer. I tried to stop focusing on my own needs and wants, and each day I picked a person or an item to pray for, which has absolutely no beneficiary relationship to me. There are some days I don’t know who or what to pray for at all… not to mention that I am also struggling with my own personal matters.

After this past one week, I realize that it is not about whether I pray for myself or not. How can I have a personal relationship with God if I choose to keep my most vulnerable self from Him? The point in praying is to come before Him, in humility, in knowing that I am but His servant, in honesty and in faith.

It is just like what you would do if you want to build a healthy relationship with a person.


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