Are You Reading Your Bible Daily?

To answer my own question: I used to.

bible reading

I used to read my bible daily, diligently, early in the morning just before I head off to work. I used to feel uneasy whenever I did not manage to do my reading for that day. I remember how cell group members reacted with awe when I shared about my daily morning routine with God. My intention then wasn’t to brag about how I could pull myself out of bed to read the Word. The question was posed to me, so I answered. I also used to have a copy of Our Daily Bread on my office desk, and the first thing I did when I sat on my desk in the morning is to read the devotional for the day.

Sounds like a perfect start to the morning, isn’t it?

All that started to change after I had my second baby. The routine is to have no routine, because I was either too tired from the interrupted nights, or too worn out trying to juggle between a whiny toddler and a wailing baby. I started to fall behind my bible reading plan, but I still tried.

Since last year, for some reason, I just couldn’t get onto the bible reading routine. I would do it for one, or maybe two or even three days, and then life would catch up and I went back to square one. The feeling is frustrating, as I stare at the bible and wonder about what I have been missing out when I don’t spend time with God. I still pray, but without the nourishment of the Word, praying becomes dry and prayer becomes merely words.

Is busynesss your reason too for not reading your bible daily? Or is the daily reading too dry that you couldn’t find the willpower to carry on to the next day’s reading? If you are like me, it could probably be all of the above. It is just so easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But tomorrow becomes another tomorrow, and days become months, months become a year.

Perhaps you and I had been too ambitious when we set out on our bible reading plan. I simply could not fit in the quiet time like I used to during those pre-motherhood days. Lately I discovered that I could actually make sure that I get to do my daily bible reading, if I do it while having my breakfast. It may sound like I’m not truly focusing, just trying to buy my way out, but that is better than not reading at all. What I am trying to say is that we can do it, and we don’t have to do it like what others do. Every person’s circumstances are different, so we work around our own circumstances.

Let us start afresh today in our reading of the Word, and may this journey bring us closer to Him, no matter how you choose to do it.


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