Worship is beyond Sundays


One of the most basic entities of Christianity is worship. Worship is a significant part of the Christian life. As a Christian, I attend Sunday morning worship services. I listen to praise and worship songs. I read about worshiping the one and only God.

But what really is the meaning of worship? Is it expressed through singing the Christian songs which creates a “feel good” feeling in me on those Sunday mornings? What are the ways to worship the almighty God?

I gave some thought to this word, worship, and it became clear that one way I could understand it better is by applying the word in another context. If I talk about worshiping a person, would that give a better picture on what worship entails?

If I worship a person, for example, a particular celebrity, I would follow his every Instagram post. Do I follow God’s words as closely?

If I worship a particular celebrity, I would try to emulate his style, his characteristics, the way he carries himself. I would align myself with his likes and dislikes. Do I try to emulate the characteristics of Jesus Christ?

If I worship a particular celebrity, I would look forward to talking to him (assuming I have that chance). I would be punctual when I have a “date” with him. I would present my very best before him. Am I as enthusiastic when it comes to praying, going for church-related activities and coming before Him?

Worship is beyond the Sundays. Worship is not just about singing songs in the church and forget all about it once the services are over. Worship is actually a big, big word.

Are we worshiping?


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