Do the Right Thing at the Right Time

When I first started reading the Holy Bible, the Book of Ecclesiastes is one of my favourite books. There is a Shakespearean air to the way that it is written. It contains many words of wisdom, similar to the book of Proverbs yet different in its approach. Today as I ponder on the question of “Should I stay at home, or should I work?”, “Should I enrol my son for piano lessons, or painting class?”, I am reminded of a familiar verse.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:  – Ecclesiastes 3:1

In this age of Pinterest and so-called parenting experts, being a mom becomes almost like embarking on a research-intensive, perfection-required project. Every day we are bombarded with content (images or text) which are supposed to inspire us to be a better mom, better wife or to have better homes. We are not short of advice on whether or not to spank our child. It can become rather overwhelming.

As a mother, I find myself often wondering if I made the right decision for my children. Did I make the right move when I decided to spend three years of my life staying at home, looking after my baby / toddler? Did I do the right thing when I sent my young children to nursery and daycare so that I could have some time to focus on my own studies? Have I missed out on something? Should I have done things differently?

We can never be short of worries. But we can learn to trust God and to proceed in faith. We must understand that different persons have different circumstances, so what works for one may not for the other. We should strive to do what is right, after weighing in the options, at the point when we are making the decision.


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