Took A Break

Yesterday evening I was supposed to bake a loaf of bread for this morning’s avocado lettuce sandwich, but I didn’t. I was worn out, tired, and just wanted to let go of all the scheduling. Yeah, I know, it’s the critical point in my projects… that point when I start to slack, become relaxed and the project gets pushed back to the bottom of the pile of ever growing unfinished projects. But if I really didn’t have the heart to bake, I shouldn’t bake right? Someone once told me that our emotions goes into the food which we prepare hence being in the right state of mind when we cook / bake / cut / grill is of utmost importance. I wouldn’t want the husband to be worn out and tired once he takes that first bite of the sandwich that I prepared for him!

Okay, excuses aside.

There is no elaborate effort for breakfast today. There are still three slices of the store-bought sandwich left, so I took two of them, spread some Nutella and just took my time with my breakfast and coffee. I even had some extra time left to catch up with my reading and devotional.

Sometimes, a break is for us to get refreshed and subsequently venture further from where we are currently at.

Breakfast will be back.


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